Sunday, December 2, 2007

Out of Control

There was no question that this time the beast was playing to win. The tamer circled it warily. Muscular ripples of color covered its form, the epitome of brute power. Its size alone was enough to cause a rush of panic in spite of the tamer's years of experience. This time was different.

The tamer desperately fought the urge to give in to the seductive and hypnotic beauty of the monster. Focus had to be maintained. Containment must be achieved. There was no longer an option to attempt a loving approach. No possibility that the tamer could run her hands gently over the creature, shaping its performance into grace and art as she had done so often before. The time for that was past. This being had grown huge, a giant mass which allowed no entrance to its enclosure, ferocious in its ability to destroy even the psyche of its cohabitants.

Battle engaged. The tamer grabbed frantically at the exposed fringes of the beast bare-handedly ripping away at its bulk. It did not flinch. Frantic effort was rewarded with no discernable change in the size and strength of the behemoth. No response at all. Lunging desperately toward its heart the tamer finally felt despair. This creature had no soul. Mitosis occurred before her very eyes. With no apparent reduction of its massive power the beast divided, surrounding her with walls of brain-ripping color, every shade and hue she'd ever loved.

Consciousness was slipping away. A final thought flickered in the tamer's mind before she succumbed. "I think I feel qiviut under my left elbow. Forgot I had that." Then it was over.


Ok. I'm having some stash trouble. Yes, it's pretty serious. Not quite ready to dial 911, but getting close. I realized the other day that I don't play DVDs any more because I can't get to the TV. My original stash-control plan just isn't working… I was just going to knit really, really fast.

Here's just one stash location. I refuse to photograph all of the stash outposts. (Those two dark wood cubes are completely stuffed.)
I've broken down and bought 6 huge, (41 quart) under-bed boxes, giving up on my resolve to add no new stash locations beyond the large cedar chest (below) and two Pottery Barn coffee table cubes (above) that I lined with cedar. I'm now facing the terror that even those six new boxes may not contain my stash. This is not a good situation.

Here's my last hope for containment. Hope those boxes are bigger than they look stacked! (That is the packed cedar chest by the way.)
I'll update on this activity as I proceed. Unless of course the stash wins…

In other, happier news, my friend and knitting mentor Susan has been chosen as a finalist in DishRag Tag. Congratulations! (I can't wait to talk about this at work!) Check out the finalists and vote here. Voting is only being held to the end of today, so hurry!

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