Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Extinction of the Dinosaurs

You might ask what this topic has to do with knitting. My answer would have to be absolutely nothing.

I’m still loving the Fish Coat, especially since it’s providing my most favorite kind of knitting. I can put my brain completely in park and just follow the pattern. The rhythm of the double knit stitches has gotten into my muscle memory so only the crazy fish color changes provide even the mildest challenge.

So since I’m a monogamous knitter attacking only this one project, what do I write to you about?

Obviously the extinction of the dinosaurs.

But not just any dinosaurs. These happy party-goers:
Unfortunately this rare species is about to experience a total loss of habitat. They’ve conga-lined around an unused bedroom in my house for more than twenty years beyond the end of their symbiotic relationship with the small human that used to occupy that room. I’ve enjoyed their light-hearted presence, but now the progress superhighway is coming through their neighborhood. I’ve decided I want to use their jungle as my office instead of using the jungle that’s evolved on my oldest, most beat-up sofa.

What’s at the root of this habitat destruction? In the real world it would be greed. In my world it’s a frantic grab at a last shred of sanity. My theory, however weak, is that I might be ok if I can find just one small facet of my life that I can control, even a little. The only opportunity I see is this small room. I’m going to control the heck out of it. Poor dinosaurs.

But let me try to wrap this up with a little knitting talk. The other knitting activity I’m flirting with is of course next project thoughts. With the Fish Coat moving along more quickly than expected I’ll be needing a new project before October, (I hope). I’d like to do another PaintKnits TM project with double knit, so right now I’m toying with ideas for a scarf. I really want to work the silhouette idea in a way that truly hits you in the face. A scarf might be a nice, simple vehicle for that. But I still need a motif and I’m having a terrible time getting these silly “terrible lizards” out of my head. I may be forced to do a dancing dinosaur scarf! I suppose it would be unique.

Oh and here’s a gratuitous Fish Coat WIP picture for those who actually come here for knitting talk and pictures:

More knitting next time...


Susan (Cincinnati)Voegtly said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I can't imgine how you knit it. While the dinosaurs are cute - I'll bet you do something fine in their place. Love your tastes!
Happy redecorating and knitting. As long as the room is cool this summer, it sounds perfect.

ringer said...

That is one gorgeous fish coat. And thanks for a final look at those dinosaurs!